“Throughout the year, we learned that being a leader isn’t just about telling others what to do. It’s about listening to the advice and suggestions of your teammates. It’s about seeking advice and embracing change.”

Over the past 3.5 years, the An-Noor Academy SIA team has grown in number and impact, while still focusing on their original intent to make a difference in the world. During the 2018-19 school year, the team engaged over 86% of the student body in over 20 service projects that have impacted an estimated 7,000 individuals. Their primary focus this year was hunger. The team devised a two-prong approach to address this issue, partnering with the local community outreach center each month on their sandwich drive, which feeds 250 people. Through their research of hunger in NJ, the team realized that there were homeless individuals not being served through the regular channels, so the team developed a second project called Feed the Homeless. Each day, community members sign-up to make food, which is then delivered to 40 food-insecure individuals. The service has not only benefited others, but has taught the team life lessons such as organization, time management, and planning, as well as helped them to appreciate and value their many blessings.