Clearview Regional High School’s Students In Action team was the 2018 winning Ambassador School. These schools represent teams where Students In Action has transformed both school culture and the communities around them.

Each year, one Ambassador school is voted through a panel of their peers to represent this austere group. After learning at their SIA training about a sensitive issue facing homeless women, the Clearview Regional High School team focused on dignity and self-esteem.

They packed and donated 130 ‘Assist Your Sister Dignity Bags’ and sponsored the sale of 160 ‘You Are Enough’ flowers for girls in their school. Through these projects, the team not only improved the lives of homeless women but created a culture of greater respect for girls in their school.

All in, the Clearview team planned and executed 20 projects, raised $135,000, involved more than 85% of Clearview’s student body and impacted almost 15,000 individuals.